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Compare the r4 3ds,r4i to Other R Cards

Choosing the right R4 3DS cards can make all the difference in your Nintendo DS experience. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that any card will do the job. The reality is there are a lot of people that are disappointed by their choices because they do not do the research to find the best cards.

When you compare the r4 3 d r4i to other R cards what you find is what other users have found, this card is hard to beat. It works great and really delivers according to everyone that uses it. Leave the glitches behind and get the card that works the way you want it too.

The Issues

With the r4 3ds r4i you do not run into the issues that you run into with other cards. You do not get the freeze ups that you get with other cards. You do not run out of space. It accepts custom firmware without a hitch and it holds up even the toughest play.

Other cards fail miserably when it comes to playing certain games. They make it difficult to get the full experience that you want to be able to get from your Nintendo DS. With the r4 3ds r4i you get the perfect experience that you hoped to get, you do not have to spend hours trying to get it to work.

The Price

Not all cards are priced the same. The price range varies but as far as value goes the r4 3ds r41 is the best value. You can pay more and you can pay less but you won’t get a better value because it works well beyond most expectations.

The cost is affordable and it is well worth the investment that you make to get what you need out of your Nintendo DS.

Make Your Nintendo DS an All In One

If you are only using your Nintendo DS to play games than you are selling your system short. You can easily transform it into an all in one device that will easily meet all your media needs. Anyone that does a comparison is able to see that the r4 3ds r4i is a superior card. It is highly rated by all users and can easily change the way you look at your Nintendo DS. Get the right card and start getting the most out of your Nintendo DS.